When you think of old men the last thing you imagine is them being in ridiculously good shape. Timeworn face, saggy skin, weak and fragile frame more likely to come to mind.  And when you are in the gym and see an older guy working out next to you, it definitely motivates the hell out of you and reminds you that you have no excuses for not making the most out of your young, strong muscles. The guys that we’re gonna talk about are the ones that are well over 50 and they look better than some folks in their 20’s. Time and time again proves that it’s never too late to be who you want to be. Check these strong grandpas out.


Andreas Cahling
The guy is ripped 24/7, 365 days a year for many decades now. Andreas has been bodybuilding professionally for 37 years. He was very popular in the 80’s after winning the IFBB Mr. International title. In the recent years he has appeared on many covers of bodybuilding magazines. Moreover these days Andreas has got his own line of posing trunks. He likes to combine cycling, weight training and dancing. He takes some food supplements and his favourite nutrition is quite natural. Andreas is a perfect example that vegan diet works. In order to look lean and mean you don’t necessarily need to eat meat but of course it’s easier.


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