Jeffry S. Life
74 years old Life is always up for a challenge. He makes good nutrition and regular exercise a part of his daily life to aggressively pursue his goals. Merely walking and doing a few reps of an exercise won’t cut it. Life eats 6 times a day and he makes sure he includes protein in every meal. He avoids white rice, pasta, and bread. He sticks to low-glycemic carbs, including all vegetables and fruits except for pineapple as he believes it contains too much sugar. Just in 12 weeks Life was able to make an incredible transformation, dropping his body fat from 25 percent to 8 percent, becoming lean, strong, energized and highly motivated with an incredible zest for life and love.


Life is proud to admit that he injects himself with testosterone which is a bit controversial I dare say. Testosterone is the kind of hormone that plays a crucial part in muscle development. Life is sure that taking these injections will rebalance an unfortunate side-effect of ageing and will improve mental function and libido. Sounds like guys in their 70’s are having the time of their life!


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