When we think about celebs we always imagine them flawless, with perfect skin and in particularly good shape. Being fit is highly required when it comes to entertainment world. However celebs just like all of us struggle to lose weight or stay in shape. Here is a list of celebs that made an incredible transformation.


Rani Mukerji

This beautiful lady got in ridiculously good shape for her role in Mardaani where she played a cope. In this film she looks very real and natural. She is tough and strong just the way her Personal Trainer Samir Jaura wanted her to be. And let’s face it, nobody would like her to look like some sort of anorexic or glamorous cop in the film. In total Rani lost 6 kg and toned up her muscles pretty well. She worked out intensively 6 days a week for 5 months and never missed a single workout session. She stayed focused and disciplined the whole time.


Her training included Circuit training, cross training, weight training and even yoga. Clean eating and tiny frequent portions brought her closer to her success. The actress didn’t follow any particular diet as such, she simply had balanced and healthy meals and she allowed herself to have a cheat meal every 15 days.


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