There have been many changes in the beauty industry and beauty was and still is an important part of human culture. Even thousands years ago people were doing everything they could to look great. Nowadays there have been a lot of advancements which helped to create new trends. Beauty salons of 1940’s were very different to the ones we go to today. Some procedures remained the same though. In order to treat our skin we still use a big variety of strange looking face masks. I mean, is there anything you wouldn’t do to look young and glorious? I am not gonna mention what we look like when we’re bleaching our hair or using curl iron to make bouncy big curls, yet ladies of the past had a harder time and way weirder stuff to apply to look their best. There were some really strange procedures that would make one think they were from a horror movie or something. Here is a list of 10 bizarre procedures of the past. Go ahead and show them to your boyfriend next time he freaks out when you are applying some “bizarre” creams to your face.


Amazing curls
Women would put their heads into creepy looking machines just to get fashionable curled look. They would need to spend many hours having their hair wrapped around various heated metal prongs. This procedure was far from being comfy, they were unable to move their heads and it was always done with the help of a couple of assistants. In all honesty it looked like it would come straight out of a horror movie. But apparently it was quite legit and the curls would last for a long time.


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